I love feeling connected to nature.  For me, taking a long walk through the forest or relaxing outside on a sunny afternoon helps to reduce stress, gives me a chance to clear my mind and hit the reset button.  A feeling of freedom and curiosity washes over and suddenly my problems get a little bit smaller, my mind a little sharper.   The colors and shapes created by trees, plants and flowers within a natural landscape has a way of reminding me that I’m alive and one with my surroundings.  

Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing a camera along on these outdoor trips.   My goal when taking photographs outdoors is simply to capture a natural scene, or images of plant forms and the colors that arrive with each seasonal change.  One of my favorite parts of being outside and taking in nature are the moments when I see a landscape and try to imagine the subject matter as something entirely different. 

I created the Plant Friends series as a visual representation of my gratitude for the sense of well-being nature has provided me over the years.  It has been a fun way to merge my appreciation of nature with my longtime love of creating characters. 

With each piece in the series, my intention is to create a composition that gives a unique identity to the plant subjects, bringing them to life in a whole new way.  Details within the images give people an opportunity to see something new every time they view the work. 

All of the prints in the Plant Friends series are limited editions.  Extremely limited.  Each title in the series will have a maximum of 5 prints.  I will also reserve one Artist Proof of each title that I may decide to sell at a later date.  So a maximum of 5 limited edition prints for each title and 1 Artist Proof for each title.  Each print will be signed on the front.  Certain mediums will also include a signature, date and title of the work on the back, along with the unique edition number. 

I hope you enjoy.